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  • Are you a publisher of an ezine, newsletter or website? If so, have you ever noticed how hard it is to find quality content to place into your site, ezine or newsletter?

    When I first started on the web, this was a common problem for me. Finding good content is not a problem for me anymore.

    I have built my business around helping my clients get their content out into the vast world wide web. In helping my clients get their free reprint articles distributed, I had to uncover the various methods of distributing articles. In doing so, I have located the following resources that can be used by anyone to distribute articles, and more this the point in this forum, for publishers and webmasters to find top-notch content for their publications and for their websites.

    Each distributed article contains special terms of reprint rules. Please adhere to these instructions. The author of the work is giving you permission to reprint his or her work on the condition that you follow the rules he or she has added to their article.

    In all cases, you must include the Resource Box (the portion at the bottom of the article that tells about the author) and you must hyperlink the URL's in the Resource Box. This is very important. If you fail to honor the stated terms of reprint attached to an article, then you will be using the content illegally!

    Yes, the articles that you can acquire for publication through the avenues listed below do in fact suggest that they are "free reprint" articles. Yet, the terms of reprint defines the true nature of "free."

    Generally, "free reprint" is defined as without financial cost, ie. no money to change hands. Despite the description of "free," free-reprint articles are not provided to you without a cost. The cost for publishing a free reprint article is outlined in the terms of reprint.

    Your actual cost of using this content is to provide hyperlinks for all URL's, to not make changes to the article, AND most importantly, to include the author's Resource Box whenever you publish an article. As a courtesy, you should also contact the author and notify them of the publication of their article.

    What it boils down to is this. The author has taken the time and effort to create this article for the sole purpose of promoting his or her own business. The author's only payment for his or her work is to have their advertisement (Resource Box) placed in your publication or website. The content is being provided by the author with the express hope that they might be able to generate income from the sale of their products or services also.

    We assume that the reason you are seeking the content in the first place is for the promotion of your own business, and your intended hope in using the content is to generate sales in your own business. There are enough dollars to go around. You will benefit from the use of the content and you may sell some goods and services to the people who have read the content you have used. And the author will hopefully benefit also from the sale of his or her own products and services.

    Do right by the article's author, and they will do right by you. Both you and the author will benefit from the use of these articles, because both of you will be able to use the content to direct traffic and potential customers to your own online storefronts, and then hopefully directly to your shopping carts.

    Let's face it, you need the content that the author has created and the author needs for you to publish it. It is a clear cut case of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."

    Okay, enough ramblings from me. Let's get on to the meat of this website. Below you will find a list of article announcement groups where you can receive articles for reprint by email, and you will also find website archives where you can actively search for articles that you can use.

    If you need help converting the articles you want to use from a TEXT FORMAT to a HTML FORMAT, then use the FREE TPW Text-to-HTML Converter Tool.
    (This link will open into a new window.)

    Here you go:

    Article Announcement Lists - These are gathering places for Publishers, Editors, Webmasters and Authors.
  • The Free Ezine Content List at Topica - Email Sub
  • Free-Reprint Articles List at Topica - Email Sub
  • Free-Reprint Articles List at YahooGroups - Email Sub
  • Free-Reprint Articles List at SmartGroups - Email Sub
  • FreeWrites List at YahooGroups - Email Sub
  • Quality Checked Reprint Articles List at YahooGroups - Email Sub
  • Article Archive Sites - These sites each contain dozens or hundreds of articles available for Free-Reprint in your ezine, newsletter, off-line publication, webzine or website.
  • The Windstorm Computing Free Articles Archive - You will find more non-computing articles here, than you will find computing articles.
  • The Phantom Writers Free Articles Archive - You will find hundreds of articles on dozens of subjects here. thePhantomWriters.com is a service that provides ghost writers to online marketers to develop articles for the promotion of their businesses. All articles written for our clients will be written by our writers and be attributed to our clients so they can promote their businesses.

    thePhantomWriters archive includes:

    1. Articles written by our writers for our clients.

    2. Articles written by our writers for promotion of themselves.

    3. Articles not written by our writers, but distributed for other writers, through our very affordable and effective article distribution services. With our service, you can rest assured that your article will be delivered to more than 6000 ezine publishers and webmasters searching for valuable content.

  • Suppose I don't have the articles you are looking for, then what?

    Good News. There are many other places you can go to find quality articles on a wide range of subjects. Here is a list of those places:

    Article Announcement Lists - These are more gathering places for Publishers, Editors, Webmasters and Authors. Whereas all of my Article Announce Lists accept articles on any subject, most of those listed here are specific to a category, so please be certain to read the guidelines for each one:
  • AA Business at YahooGroups Business Articles Only
  • AA General at YahooGroups All Subjects
  • AA Health at YahooGroups Health Related Articles Only
  • AA Home at YahooGroups Articles about Home Life
  • AA Internet at YahooGroups Internet Related Content Only
  • Ezine Zone at YahooGroups All Topics
  • Article Announce at YahooGroups All Submissions
  • GH-Content Announce at YahooGroups All Submissions
  • Free Content at YahooGroups All Contnet
  • Political Thoughts at YahooGroups Political Articles Only
  • Publisher Network at YahooGroups All Content
  • Electronic Press Releases at YahooGroups Self Explanatory
  • E-Release at YahooGroups Electronic Press Releases Only
  • Free Reprint Recipes at YahooGroups Recipes Only
  • Free eContent at YahooGroups All Subjects
  • Free Content 4 WAHMs at YahooGroups Articles for Work-at-Home-Mom's
  • Health Related Content at YahooGroups Self Explanatory
  • Write Announce at YahooGroups Articles for and about Writing
  • Ebook Press Releases at YahooGroups Press Releases about Ebooks
  • Article Archive Sites - These sites each contain hundreds of articles available for Free-Reprint in your ezine, newsletter, off-line publication, webzine or website.
  • Lions International - New Article Archive as of October 2003.
  • Marketing Seek - This site archives archives articles only on the topics of business and marketing.
  • Ebooks n Bytes - This site only accepts eBook Publishing & Marketing Articles.
  • EZ Ad Success - This site accepts content on all subjects and topic materials.
  • Family Content - This site accepts articles concerning family, parenting, self-improvement and home issues. Marketing and business articles of a general nature that are not specifically targeted to the interests of work-at-home parents may not be approved.
  • Zongoo - This site accepts articles on a wide variety of topics.

  • If you are aware of a list or a site that is missing from this list, please let me know by sending an email to: bplatt @ thePhantomWriters.com
    (If you copy and paste this email address, be sure to remove the spaces. I have done this only in an effort to reduce spam.)

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